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What is a Power Surge and How Do I Protect My Home?

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What is a Power Surge?

The power flowing through the typical wall outlet is considered 120 volt AC power. The voltage is not delivered at a constant 120 volts, and it can fluctuate between 0 and 169 volts. During a damaging power surge, the voltage exceeds 169 volts.

A boost in voltage above a device’s normal operating voltage can cause a arc within the device. The heat that is generated as a result can cause damage to the electronic circuit boards and other components within the device.

Power surges can originate from an electric utility company during power grid switching. They can also occur if there’s a malfunction in a nearby transformer or power line. Some of the most powerful power surges can occur as the result of a lightning strike.

Major power surges, such as those coming from lightning strikes, can cause permanent damage almost instantly. But smaller surges, can cause unseen damage in tiny increments that accumulate over time. They may not disable an appliance in one shot, but they can take years off the functional life of any device.

Surge protection is an investment in your electronics and appliances, as well as your safety. It safeguards your valuable equipment during a power surge that can cause data loss in computers and can damage or permanently disable electronics and appliances.

There are a few signs that may indicate your appliance or device experienced a power surge:

  • The device’s clock or lights are flashing
  • The device is off or does not work
  • There is an acrid, burnt odor around the device or power source
  • A surge protector or power strip may require resetting

Whole house surge protectors connect directly into your home’s electrical meter and prevent power surges from entering your home at the source.

Don’t wait for lightning to strike. Install or purchase a surge protector today.

Ask us about our complimentary wellness check with the sign up of a whole home surge protector.

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