Can My Air Conditioner Run on Solar Power?

Some newer air conditioning models are “solar-ready” and can be incorporated into cutting-edge home energy systems that rely on power from solar panels. Older air conditioning systems are typically incompatible with modern solar technology and rely solely on energy from the traditional power grid. Running AC with On-Grid Solar Power The most common form of […]

10 Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient.

Rising temperatures and skyrocketing utility bills in the summer may leave you wondering how to make your air conditioner more efficient. Everything from the size of the unit to how you use it can impact how much energy it uses. 1. Choose the Proper Size Buying the right size air conditioning unit is an important […]

What is a Power Surge and How Do I Protect My Home?

What is a Power Surge? The power flowing through the typical wall outlet is considered 120 volt AC power. The voltage is not delivered at a constant 120 volts, and it can fluctuate between 0 and 169 volts. During a damaging power surge, the voltage exceeds 169 volts. A boost in voltage above a device’s normal […]