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The Top 7 Things NOT To Do To Your AC

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Sometimes taking care of your home means knowing what not to do. This applies to your air conditioning system. To protect your home and your investment in your AC system, avoid these common mistakes.

1. Choose the wrong size AC

HVAC professionals size air conditioning units through careful calculations, taking into account a variety of factors. These include square footage; number of levels; the home’s layout, orientation and window placement; the number of occupants; and your lifestyle. An incorrectly sized air conditioner will work harder to cool the space, wear out more quickly, and operate at lower efficiency than it is designed for.

2. Let the air filter become clogged and dirty

Clogged air filters are the main cause of air conditioners breaking down and wearing out prematurely. Dirt and debris cause restricted airflow, which is harmful to your system and limit its performance. Changing the filter is also the easiest, most economical way to keep your system operating efficiently and effectively.

3. Set the temperature too low

Lowering the temperature setting does not make your home cool faster. Doing this just makes the system run longer, resulting in greater wear and tear. Simply set the thermostat for the temperature you want, and let the system do the work efficiently.

4. Wait too long to replace an old unit

HVAC technology improves rapidly, so investing in a new system can be more affordable than continuing to repair and run an old, inefficient system. With a new system, you instantly begin saving on monthly energy bills and frequent repairs. New equipment, compared to an old unit, can save quite a bit over its lifetime, perform better and give you peace of mind.

5. Skip annual maintenance

Annual professional maintenance will keep your system running at peak efficiency, greatly reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and extends the life of your system, saving you money overall. Most manufacturers require regular service to maintain the warranty.

6. Block the outdoor unit with shrubs or plants

Debris from trees, shrubs or plants can get inside the unit, obstruct ventilation, clog the condenser coils and result in inefficient operation or even cause breakdowns. Keep the area around the unit free of anything that could get inside it.

7. Allow drains to clog and overflow

Surrounding floors and walls can sustain permanent damage if water is allowed to collect and overflow. Clean and flush the drain line every 6 months to year to keep it clear and flowing.

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