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Can My Air Conditioner Run on Solar Power?

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Some newer air conditioning models are “solar-ready” and can be incorporated into cutting-edge home energy systems that rely on power from solar panels. Older air conditioning systems are typically incompatible with modern solar technology and rely solely on energy from the traditional power grid.

Running AC with On-Grid Solar Power

The most common form of solar power is on-grid systems. These types of solar power work in tandem with your local power grid. This means if your solar panels aren’t generating enough energy to run your home, the system can draw power from the grid to supplement it. Alternatively, if your system is generating more energy than you require, the excess amount will be pumped into the grid, and energy companies will pay you for it. To run an air conditioner with an on-grid system, you’ll need several pieces of equipment. Your system will require several high kilowatt panels, a smart meter, a breaker panel, and an inverter. As long as you have the necessary equipment, your on-grid solar power system should have no problem running an air conditioner.

Running AC with Off-Grid Solar Power

Off-grid solar power systems aren’t tied to your local power grid. This means your home is run entirely on the energy your panels produce but you won’t be able to draw extra power from the grid if you need it. This makes running an AC with solar power a bit more challenging, but not impossible.

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